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ICT Solution

ICT Solution provides a variety of professional IT services which includes Web Hosting, Domain Services, Software Development, Website, Logo, Profile Designing, Digital Marketing (Social Media services e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, emailing, SMS) Building complete IT infrastructure either on Linux or Windows platform, Domain Services, Emails, Data Management, Networking through LAN and Wireless, Routing, Security, Firewalls, Backup solutions. We have partnered with world renowned and trusted entities and deals in genuine products from Microsoft, HP, 3M and AVG through sales and support.
Comprehensive ICT Solution


To plan I.T business model & provide comprehensive & budgeted solutions, identify the loophole, the target audience.
Choose the technology to be used, conceptualize the website ready for design and development.

Integration ICT Solution


ICT encounter many new challenges, mostly involving achieving a balance between running the day-to-day operations of the business with the added task of integrating the individual IT platforms into a single functioning IT unit.

Support ICT Solution


To serve our client on-side off-side support to provide remotely support in case of emergency support provide 24×7.

Our Core Process

Maximum Flexibility for Complex Projects
With Dynamic Development – our partner-oriented service – our development team works with you using the latest online collaboration tools, helping you to create new features and solve business problems. We work on your system piece by piece reviewing working versions biweekly so you can constantly see progress.

Product Supplies 95%
I.T Infrastructure 90%
Website Development 70%
Cloud Services 60%
ICT Solution

Our Client’s Words

Empathetic customer support representatives are friendly, but they have answers and solutions.

Mr. Kashif Hafeez

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What We Do

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. Various versions have evolved over the years.

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Server & Network Support

We provide maintenance different kind of Server & Network Support to optimize its services. Maintain to minimize downtime of the server.

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On-Site Support

To provide on-site support as on contract or visit bases. Our Technical engineers visit the client premises and resolve a complaint with the best solution.

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Remote Support

ICT Solution has a team of multi-specialists that can help solve any technology issue. We want to make so that you only have to call one number to resolve any technology problem that you are encountering.

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ICT Solution provides a 24×7 helpdesk staffed with qualified network engineers providing rapid support.

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Fantastic Clients

Our valuable clients including Marketing & Communication, Marketing Research, manufacturing concerns, Production Companies, Schooling Systems and private organizations,  legal firms and multinational corporations.

To achieve growth and excellence, ICT Solution has employed a team of qualified, experienced, motivated, and technical and support staff reinforced by state of the art technology to satisfy customer demands without making any compromises.