Unified Communication

IP PBX System Cloud host

Hosted PBX is a cloud-based PBX solution which can easily be access via IP network. Now don’t have to be dependent on software, hardware, maintenance and training. Cloud-based PBX system got you covered. It equips businesses to manage their phone systems using a user-friendly platform.

Hosted PBX System Benefits

  • In this continuously growing technological era, cloud-based PBX solution is trending and most popular solution among small or medium size businesses.
  • Hosted cloud-based PBX system is cost-effective as compare to the traditional on-site PBX solution and you don’t have to pay separately for software, hardware and installation and then get it maintained like on-site traditional system.
  • It offers the valuable services like Music on-hold, call routing, call waiting, call transfers and much more.
  • Hosted PBX system can be deployed immediately or with no time.


IP PBX is a private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) which uses VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) for calls instead of traditional phone lines.
Make and receive calls over the Internet. Instead of using old technology to move phone calls. Physical phone lines are expensive to maintain instead of this you can transmit voice data over your internet connection. It actually reduces the cost of phones and makes the processes easier to maintain.
What Benefits you get with IP PBX?

  • Cost Savings & Reduced IT Infrastructure
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Advanced Features
  • Improved Multi-Location Communications
  • Easy Maintenance


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows computer to interact with humans using voice and DTMF tones input using a keypad. IVR helps in interacting with callers and gather information then routes calls to the responsible agent or recipient.
IVR System for Call Centers are simply working as a medium or to assist and engage your customers and effortlessly route your customers to the right person, agent or department.
IVR Importance in Business?

  • First Call Resolution
  • 24*7 Customer Service
  • Handle High Call Volume
  • Handle Multilevel IVR
  • Automation of Operations

Robocall (auto generated recorded call)

ICT Solution offering most ethical and lawful Robocall solution for different industries currently helping different Marketing Research and Political sectors to convey the information and gathering the data.
Robotic call or Robocall is a voice call which is system generated telephonic communication call for human being to answer, where a human doesn’t have to dial digits a robocall computing generates and auto dial the phone numbers.
Robocall technology is most efficient and fast which can generate call at large scale to many people. Its platform included hardware and software which is designed specifically. It can limit human involvement only for implementation and programming.

Virtual/Cloud Call Center Solution

ICT Solution offering complete Virtual Call Center Solution which is well-designed to cater every inbound and outbound call center requirement. Your business communication can turn your lead into a promising prospect if the processes are streamline and uninterrupted.
Virtual cloud-hosted call center from ICT Solution offers complete customer-oriented services which enables and help agents to build a good relationship with the customers.
Cloud-hosted call centers comes with many features such as, automatic call distribution ACD & skill-based routing, hosted IVR, call recording call queue monitoring and CRM integration which makes it an end-to-end communication solution.