Cloud Services


ICT Solution offering VPS server with the high-end and guaranteed services. Virtual Private Server or (VPS) comes with virtual solution having uninterrupted speed and bandwidth. This service offers different backend solution like Normal VPS Server and SSD VPS Server. ICT Solution evaluate the need and monitor the requirement of your processes load and traffic and would suggest the best VPS configuration solution for you.
VPS server speed is way faster than the in-house servers and comes with different configurations you can choose with and off course it comes with 2-Way Storage which means if the hard drive fails to work it will be transferred to backup drive smoothly in no time which wouldn’t hurt your processes.

Benefits of VPS Server
  • Total Control
  • Uninterrupted Services
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 2-Way SSD & Simple Storage
  • Most reliable service
  • 24/7 Customer Support

VPS with Email solution

VPS Server comes with different solutions where email solution is one of them. ICT Solution is always focused and prior customer needs to smoothen their data travelling environment. VPS with email solution offers cloud-based email configuration on VPS Server so you don’t need to worry about your email coordination and security as this offers private server with the most encrypted email solution.


Most important benefit of using your email server on VPS is that you are actually keeping all your company’s or business email completely private. If you opt for any public service like Gmail or Yahoo then you may have to align your policies with their terms and policies and it could be a turning point as they can use your data any time they want for their ads and revenue. Where privacy matters so it would be best practice for any environment to opt for VPS Server for email to keep your data safe and secure.

VoIP on Cloud Server

Most companies out there still using on-site solution which actually connect your hardware with your closet data center, these types of solutions are being offered from decades by different service providers. But now cloud services started to emerge with best and uninterrupted services.
Cloud phone system or Cloud VOIP helps to connect you with data center over the internet, only hardware you have to keep on your premises are phones. Even, by the time hard phones are actually replaced with software phones which can easily run on Windows, Mac and another operating system.

Cloud VOIP Solution